Offset Campaign

Offset is a new premium brand introduced to the stock photo market last year. They offer some of the world’s best royalty-free images, with the strategy of being bold and direct, using their amazing imagery to tell most of the story.

I was tasked with executing an ad campaign that would be used for launch. I worked with another designer to concept a variety of options with the central theme focusing on readjusting people’s perceptions about stock photography. One of my proposed ideas was to brand the O from Offset in a bold, direct way. Layouts were focused on multiple photo reveals and imposing a sense of wonder and discovery for viewers to encourage them to visit the Offset site.

The final ad went down the direction of taking preconceived ideas in the industry, and crossing them out. We wanted to show customers that they needed to rethink their own perceptions of stock, and Offset was the brand to do so.

My Role: Art Direction/Design

Proposed Concepts