If you don't know, now you know.

I'm an Associate Creative Director & Illustrator based in New York whose career was built on a foundation of watching too much TV (yep, pretty much like The Cable Guy). With a style and personality that's bold and in your face, I have a knack for strong conceptual ideas brought to life with bright, clever, and engaging executions.

I've created work for clients like Gallery 1988, MTV, Goodwill,
American Express, Columbia Pictures, Delta Airlines, NBA,
Seattle Seahawks, and the US Open.

I’ve had worked featured by HBO, AMC, FastCo Design, Mashable,
A.V. Club, Complex, The New York Times, and Ad Week. 

I’ve also won a few awards in the process (Gold Effie, 2 American Graphic Design Awards, and a Digiday Award for Best Branded Content Site).

I try not to take myself too seriously and will overcommit to a joke if I find it amusing enough, like this portrait of me. 

A few years back, tintype portraits were a HUGE thing in the design world and it seemed like every big-name designer had one as their headshot. When given the opportunity, I stopped by a studio in San Francisco to have my portrait featured alongside my esteemed contemporaries. Silly? Yes. Overpriced? Yes. BUT who reading this has a cross-eyed portrait of themselves developed on a thin metal sheet hanging in their house? 

I rest my case.