Mod Men

When the Shutterstock branded content team was just starting to find its voice, this was one of the first big wins we had. We wanted to compare tools used in the agency/design world of yesteryear and juxtapose them with their contemporary counterpart. Mad Men was the perfect property for the thematic base of this idea. One misconception for branded content is if you work an existing IP into an idea, it instantly means you’ll get viral pickup. The concept and IP need to work together on a base level and to have this be successful you need to have working knowledge of both. The final work garnered hundreds of thousands views, numerous media pickups and was promoted by organically by the AMC network.

This was the first piece of content we created that got use steady organic traffic and had zero paid advertising. It showed us the power of being able to create something engaging, and acted as a stepping stone for us to grow the program to what it is today.

My Role: Creative Direction/Design

Art Direction: Philippe Intraligi
Design: Chad Ackerman
Copywriter: Doug Levy

These also won an American Graphic Design award from GD USA.