Kendrick Lamar Secret Show

American Express was hosting a concert at Art Basel and wanted to find a way to explore the relationship between visual art and music. We set up a studio space to film rapper Kendrick Lamar creating music live while artist Shantell Martin created a mural based on the feeling Kendrick’s music gave her (later that night her art would be projected over Lamar as he performed at Art Basel.)

In-between takes we wanted to capture additional video content that we could then leverage for cryptic teaser videos, eventually announcing a surprise Kendrick Lamar show in Brooklyn, New York. For fans that couldn’t snag a ticket to this show, we also Facebook live streamed the show to Kendrick fans all around the world.

My Role: Creative Direction/Design

Shantell Martin & Kendrick Lamar Video

The first of a series of teaser videos for a secret Kendrick show in Brooklyn