Designer Passport: International Tutorial Series

is a monthly tutorial campaign that I concepted and created with two other designers at Shutterstock. It exists in both print and digital, and highlights the numerous ways a person could use our company’s assets. To achieve the variety of creative styles, techniques and ideas that would support our mission, we reached out to 12 artists around the world and commissioned them for work.

I recruited, directed and collaborated with each designer residing in different countries all over the world. Below are just a few of the pieces created for Designer Passport. Each image links out to an online tutorial from its creator.

Creative Direction: Philippe Intraligi, Art Direction/Design: Jordan Roland, Art Direction/Design: Adriana Marin

Designed by:  Lucas Doerre

Designed by: Lucas Doerre

Designed by:  Jonathan Calugi

Designed by: Jonathan Calugi

Designed by:  Pedro Veneziano

Designed by: Pedro Veneziano

Designed by:  Rui Stalph

Designed by: Rui Stalph

Designed by:  Fabian de Lange

Designed by: Fabian de Lange